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Customer Reviews

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Amélie Fortin

An amazing game, had a lot of fun to play with my students!

Michael C.
Challenging, but in a good way.

I bought this for my daughter who is 8 but very advanced in school. It took some time to learn, but she loves it and I love how it is even expanding my musical theory knowledge. Not for you if you don’t want to be mentally challenged, but we LOVE it!

Benjamin Stevens
great concept

I'm glad that someone finally made a music-themed set-building game. My family is now learning music theory as easily as playing Gin Rummy. There are a few typos here and there, but that's common for a new game.

Carlton Hart
Fantastic Card Game, Fantastic Theory Tool

I'm not sure if I've ever enjoyed such a thrilling combination of edge-of-your-seat play fused with the knowledge that every victory is another flex of your musical muscles with friends and family. Even the most musically illiterate have been able to find a modicum of amusement from the games shared together. If only more people knew about this!

Valerie A Thomas
Fun for the whole family

My husband and I are musicians and we homeschool our 3 kids. This games is a great way to teach theory and have fun!! Also epic customer service when our order was delayed.

Teffany Thiedeman
Musical migration

I ordered this game as a gift for a work mate. It arrived in good order and he is ecstatic!

Carol Man Lee
it's a Tutti game!

Love it! the learning curve is a bit high because there is ALOT of info to absorb, but we started with the easiest form of the game. I got all our 4 teenagers/young adult children arguing the merits of their theory skills during the game! looking forward to having my studio students play this game alongside their theory lessons. Sincerely, Carol Man Lee, Temple City, CA

Lord of the Chords

Kids loved it! Great gift for college aged music students!

William Francis
My Son Loves It

I got to be honest. I have no idea what this game is about. But my son who is pursuing his master's in music at Carnagie Mellon loves it. He and his girlfriend (also a musician)' have stayed up and played it half a dozen times in the few weeks since he received it for his birthday. Also I'd like to say the customer service is very responsive. There was a bit of a mix up at shipping and the support team promptly squared things away. If you or someone you know is a music fan I highly recommend.

Min Chun Pang
Fun and not just for musicians

Great game, fun to play and good for theory concepts (specifically for reinforcing chord structures and key signatures). While those with theory knowledge have a bit of an edge, even someone who hasn't done much theory can join in, as there is enough information to support that,. My brother never did much theory and he enjoyed playing with us. Highly recommend.

Thank you Min Chun! I guess it gets even more competitive with a little bit of sibling rivalry thrown in!

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